7 Tips on how to travel in a plane with 2 active kids and an infant.

June 25, 2016 was the day I thought will be a normal day. I know with kids ages 5, 3 and 6 months will be a little tiring on board on a plane. We had 2 am flyt from Dubai  travelling to Phil. Parents with children journey should be enjoyable not a disaster if you read and follow my tips. So as a mom Ive got 7 tips for you

1. Bring water bottles

Make sure kids have their own water bottles with them. It would be helpful if theres no available water station around. 

2. Each kid should wear backpacks.

We always thought it will be convenient if we have our own personal things with us on our journey so same as the kids. As parents we often forget things so its really a help if we let our children bring a back pack and keep important and light weight like diaper, wet wipes, cookies, underwears.

3. Passport sling holder.

To organize passports and boarding passes we should be keeping it in a small bag like a sling bag which i always have when we travel. Passports should not be forgotten and should be in handy to show everytime we pass where it should be checked. Its wise to keep it on your neck knowing your both hands will be filled with 2 toddlers.

4. Be with another adult.

If possible another adult other than yourself will make things a lot more easier than you think. Be it with your husband or sister or your parents. We should always remember that travelling with 3 kids anything can happen. So a baby in your hand will be a hindrance on looking after the safety of the other 2 kids while you walk in the airport or while you eat on the plane and especially when you have to go to the toilet.

5. GUM.

I already proven that kids like to chew a gum. We all know that when the plane starts to take off we will have ear disturbances due to air pressure inside a plane. Instead of swallowing there saliva let them chew a gum.

6. Baby Carrier.

For a baby less than 1 year old I would prefer to use a baby carrier rather than a pram or stroller. I feel Its more safer that you can feel your baby while shes sleeps or shes while your both hands are busy holding bags or your other kids.

7. Bring Baby food in a sealed pack

Oats , cereals, or cerelac whatever you give your infant to eat at home make sure to have it in your bag. We all know that airlines dont have baby food in there menu. lol

There you got. I hope you follow my tips so that it will be enjoyable to travel with all these with you.